Digital – Kirstie Marie Photography Mentorship

December Q&A

12 ST Dec, 2017

Do you have tips for shooting when it’s super cloudy and gloomy? I struggle because my style looks way better with sun! You don’t *have* to shoot in this light. I know several photographers who reschedule on cloudy/overcast days because their brand and images are very sunny. If you choose to shoot in this light, […]

April 2017 Q&A

04 ST Apr, 2017

How do you deal with sun dapples when you are shooting in open shade under a tree?  Perhaps I am positioning myself wrong, but it always seems that I’ll get a great shot and there will be a sun spot on the horse or owner! When possible, I try to avoid shooting at high noon. […]

November 2016 Q&A

11 ST Nov, 2016

What website program do you use and why? My website is WordPress (hosted by BlueHost). I’ve heard good things about SquareSpace and Wix if you are shopping for a website! How are images delivered to clients? First, I deliver images digitally through PixieSet where they can download the high-resolution pictures onto their computer. All of […]

Creative Empire Podcast

11 ST Nov, 2016

This fall I was interviewed for the Creative Empire Podcast about my photography business. Catch the show notes, and listen to the podcast here.

September 2016 Q&A

09 ST Sep, 2016

I have a entry-level kit camera and lens. Which should I upgrade first, the lens or the camera body?  Upgrade the lens first. High quality glass will make a huge improvement in your images! Lensesare a longer term investment because the technology isn’t constantly changing. And then, when you are ready, you can upgrade your camera […]

April 2016 Q&A

04 ST Apr, 2016

Do you sell prints only to clients or do you send over jpegs/raw files as well. I’ve heard professionals do both. All of my clients receive both prints and JPGs from me. Higher packages also include canvases and albums! There are a million ways to run a photography business, and almost every photographer structures things differently. […]


03 ST Mar, 2016

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March 2016 Q & A

03 ST Mar, 2016

What are some tips for a “clean” edit? To keep your edit clean, I recommend learning Lightroom sliders and not using presets. Many presets make the photo ‘muddy’ and if you don’t know how the sliders manipulate the image, you might not be able to correct what the preset is doing. When I edit, I always watch […]

One on One Photography Mentorship Session with Quincy Warner

02 ST Feb, 2016

In December, I met Quincy Warner at Pumpkin Ridge Equestrian Center in North Plains, Oregon to begin our one-on-one photography mentorship session with our gorgeous models Maddie Fiorante and Hot Time to Zip. Maddie & “Hector” train under the guidance of McCulloch Training Stables and were gracious (and patient) enough to be our models for […]

10 Questions with Kirstie Marie Photography

11 ST Nov, 2015

       1. What settings do you shoot with? Settings depend on the situation! For conversation sake, let’s pretend I am shooting a girl and her horse during the golden hour of sunset.  For a girl with her horse, I feel comfortable with a f/2.0-2.8 aperture. I don’t like to go over ISO 500, but I absolutely will […]