Q&A – Kirstie Marie Photography Mentorship

December Q&A

12 ST Dec, 2017

Do you have tips for shooting when it’s super cloudy and gloomy? I struggle because my style looks way better with sun! You don’t *have* to shoot in this light. I know several photographers who reschedule on cloudy/overcast days because their brand and images are very sunny. If you choose to shoot in this light, […]

September 2017 Q&A

09 ST Sep, 2017

What are your most frequently used settings for taking portraits of horse and rider? Most of the time my aperture is set at f/2.2. I try to keep my ISO between 250-400. I will always keep my shutter speed over 1/500 (if it is getting dark, I will open my aperture wider and turn my […]

August 2017 Q&A

08 ST Aug, 2017

How do you get clear & large images to Instagram? I email myself the high-resolution file, save the image to my camera roll on my iPhone, and upload to Instagram! I am starting a social media marketing business. How did you go about getting started and finding key clients? At the very beginning, I targeted […]

April 2017 Q&A

04 ST Apr, 2017

How do you deal with sun dapples when you are shooting in open shade under a tree?  Perhaps I am positioning myself wrong, but it always seems that I’ll get a great shot and there will be a sun spot on the horse or owner! When possible, I try to avoid shooting at high noon. […]

February 2017 Q&A

02 ST Feb, 2017

​What settings is your camera on? Here are the settings I have changed on my D750: Image quality: RAW Role Played by Card in Slot 2: Backup White Balance: Kelvin Focus: AF-C d21, with AE-L AF-L locked How do you handle weather reschedules? Especially for travel If the forecast is poor, we can reschedule or […]

November 2016 Q&A

11 ST Nov, 2016

What website program do you use and why? My website is WordPress (hosted by BlueHost). I’ve heard good things about SquareSpace and Wix if you are shopping for a website! How are images delivered to clients? First, I deliver images digitally through PixieSet where they can download the high-resolution pictures onto their computer. All of […]

Creative Empire Podcast

11 ST Nov, 2016

This fall I was interviewed for the Creative Empire Podcast about my photography business. Catch the show notes, and listen to the podcast here.

September 2016 Q&A

09 ST Sep, 2016

I have a entry-level kit camera and lens. Which should I upgrade first, the lens or the camera body?  Upgrade the lens first. High quality glass will make a huge improvement in your images! Lensesare a longer term investment because the technology isn’t constantly changing. And then, when you are ready, you can upgrade your camera […]

Posing Q&A

06 ST Jun, 2016

The response to last month’s prompt on posing questions was…overwhelming. Originally, I had planned to take pictures and construct an eBook regarding everything I know about posing (which I still will try to do), but first I am simply going to attempt to answer your specific questions. In full disclosure, I have never been formally trained […]

April 2016 Q&A

04 ST Apr, 2016

Do you sell prints only to clients or do you send over jpegs/raw files as well. I’ve heard professionals do both. All of my clients receive both prints and JPGs from me. Higher packages also include canvases and albums! There are a million ways to run a photography business, and almost every photographer structures things differently. […]