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Educational video courses for equine photographers & small business owners

You want to build a sustainable equine photography business where you serve dream clients, delivering images you’re proud of, achieving your income goals, all with growth and scalability to the level you desire. But maybe you’re just starting out and you feel lost on the business side. Maybe you want to level up your photography techniques. Or maybe you want to find ways to better serve your clients. Equine photography is a niche, and it can be difficult to find information from educators that are skilled in both photography and business tailored to this industry.

Kirstie Marie Photography draws from Kirstie Jones’ six years of experience as a highly sought-after equine photographer, combined with her background in business, to give you the tools to help you reach your goals.

Marketing for the Equine Photographer

Learn the exact marketing philosophy and strategies that average my business over $2,800 per session.

Welcome Magazine for Equestrian Photographers

Create a unique and rave-worthy client experience that pampers your customers while preparing them for a perfect session.

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