Welcome Magazines for Equestrian Photographers


Create a unique and rave-worthy client experience that pampers your customers while preparing them for a perfect session.

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Do your clients have everything they need to be prepared for their session? Do you spend too much time over email or text answering their endless “what to wear” questions? Are you priming and educating your clients before the session for print sales?

Ease their anxiety while reducing your workload. The client welcome packet is one of equine photographer Kirstie Jones’ signature marketing strategies. With each booking, she delivers to clients a beautiful, full-color magazine chock-full of stunning images and important information. In this 33-minute instructional video, you’ll learn how to build your own marketing packet—one that is your brand and your voice, for your clients. Kirstie will walk you through her packet and discuss how she put it together. You’ll glean tips on what content to include, suggestions of how to design your own brochure and resources for how to deliver it to your clients. You’ll learn all of this information in a setting that feels like you’re having a one-on-one mentorship session with Kirstie—on your own time, in the comfort of your own home.

This video shows an inside look at the components of the perfect welcome magazine to prepare clients for their photo session with their horse, including:

  • Outline & Setting Client Expectations
  • Creating Excitement
  • Emphasizing Important Items & Policies
  • Eliminating Pain-Points for your Business



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